Fashion Model Job Duties

By | October 9, 2012

Fashion model job duties include promoting various dresses, accessories, foot ware and latest fashion trends. Although there is no specific degree required for becoming a fashion model; attaining a degree in fashion merchandising or fashion designing helps in getting good opportunities.

It is essential to possess confidence and also have a photogenic face if you are aspiring to become a fashion model. These professionals may be employed at fashion houses, advertising companies or may work for one or more designers.

Fashion Model Job Duties

  • Fashion Model is required to dress up in different designer clothes in order to promote them.
  • Fashion Model is also required to promote foot wear, fashion accessories, bags, etc by wearing them.
  • Fashion Model needs to apply make up and get various hair styles done in order to look attractive.
  • Fashion Model may be required to work for advertisements or fashion shows based on the assignments they take up.
  • Fashion Model may be required to pose for various fashion magazines and websites.
  • Fashion Model is required to follow a strict diet regime seeking suggestion from theĀ dietitiansĀ and nutritionists in order to stay fit and in shape.
  • Fashion Model needs to exercise regularly in order to maintain their looks.
  • Fashion Model is required to needs to fix up appointments with different clients in order to discuss about the assignments being offered by them.
  • Fashion Model needs to discuss the payment procedure and amount with the clients before signing the contract.
  • Fashion Model is required to discuss and understand all the terms and conditions of the contract before signing it.
  • Fashion Model is required to maintain cordial relations with the clients.
  • Fashion Model needs to demonstrate a few points about the cloths and accessories during fashion shows.
  • Fashion Model is required to work closely with different professionals including make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, designers, producers, directors, etc.

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