Fashion Executive Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Fashion Executive Job Duties include assisting the Fashion designers in designing new clothes and accessories as per the latest fashion style. They must be updated with the information about the various fashion trends. A Fashion Executive is expected to be innovative and analytical and must come up with new fashion ideas.

Fashion Executive Job Duties

  • Fashion Executives are required to help the fashion designers in planning and designing fashion garments and accessories.
  • They are expected to stay updated with the latest information regarding fashion clothing.
  • They are involved in choosing the dress materials for designing various dresses.
  • Fashion Executive discuss new fashion concepts with the fashion designers and work on implementing them.
  • They are required to follow the instruction of the fashion designers.
  • Fashion Executives may be involved in developing new patterns and designs.
  • They are also required to deal with the clients and suggest them as to which dress or fashion accessory would suit them well and also inform them about the latest fashion trends.
  • Fashion Executives must see to it that good quality fabrics are being used in the garments being delivered by their suppliers.
  • They are involved in advising their clients on what all to be worn on different occasions.
  • Fashion Executives may assist the Fashion Sales Executives in augmenting the sales of their fashion store.
  • They are involved in promoting the fashion products of their store.
  • Fashion Executives may be required to show the samples of clothes, accessories and other products to their clients and help them in choosing the product that suits their requirement well.

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