Fashion Director Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Fashion Director Duties

A fashion director’s works just like the fashion coordinators. His major duty is to make a perfect interaction with the photographers, magazine editors and formulate the person strategies which will be considered good at the time of shoot or doing any other project. He is capable of combining the role of the directors, advisor and producers.

Job duties of Fashion Director

  • Fashion director duty of to make the best interaction with the editors and photographers so that they can be used efficiently while performing a shoot.
  • He has to give a perfect look to all the fashion related magazines, division stores and fashion houses.
  • He has to follow the latest industry trend and makes meeting with the designers to understand the latest trend and requirements.
  • After getting the idea about the latest trend he has to make the most suitable plan which can attract customers.
  • They need to share their ideas and views which will help in analyzing the retail sales people and guide other related employee to perform their best work.
  • His duty is to check all the production related with the project and work as manager or fashion consultant.
  • Their duty is to indirectly advise the buyers in making the inventory purchase.

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