Fashion Design Assistant Job Duties

By | October 31, 2014

A person who works as an assistant to a fashion designer or any other person in the fashion industry is known as a fashion design assistant.  In some cases, fashion design assistants may not require any formal educational qualifications while in other cases, design assistants may need bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in fashion.  The job of an assistant to a fashion designer or is a tough job, one which needs the candidate to perform many and varied types of duties.  The following are some of the main duties of a fashion design assistant:

Fashion design assistant Job Duties

  • A fashion design assistant must assist the designer in coming up with good designs for fashion clothing, shoes or accessories.
  • He/she must study current trends, figure out upcoming trends and thus help the designer in creating unique and interesting pieces.
  • The design assistant to a fashion designer must attend fittings, get in touch with tailors, contact models and prepare color boards.
  • The fashion design assistant must schedule projects, organize meetings and prepare reports for the designing company or designer.
  • Another duty which a fashion design assistant is to order products or raw materials needed and then keep track of the purchase order process. He/she must plan the inventory, track sales and get in touch with the vendors regarding this.
  • A lot of the work of a fashion design assistant revolves around communication with a lot of people . he/she must attend phone calls, send emails, reply to emails, send across design ideas, keep in touch with the designer at all times and perform duties as requested or ordered.
  • Another duty of  fashion design assistant is to see to it that everything at the design office is organized and well maintained. For this, he/she must administer cleaning work, tailoring work and measurement related tasks


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