Fashion Consultant Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Fashion Consultant Job Duties include advising the clients about dressing up appropriately as per the latest fashion yet keeping in mind their individual style. They help their clients TO shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and other such merchandise. One must have good interpersonal skills and possess knowledge about the latest fashion trends in order to excel in this field.

Fashion Consultant Job Duties

  • Fashion Consultants are required to give suggestions related to the latest fashion trends to their clients.
  • They are expected to advise their clients on what to wear and what to avoid based on the latest style as well as the personality of the person.
  • Fashion Consultants are required to attend the clients who walk in to their firm and assist them in improving their dressing style.
  • They may even be required to travel to different places in order to meet new clients and discuss their wardrobe.
  • Fashion Consultants need to have complete information regarding various fashion garments and accessories in order to assist their clients appropriately.
  • They are required to provide garment samples as well as samples of accessories to their clients to give them an idea about their range.
  • They also help their clients in organizing their closet.
  • Fashion Consultants provide their clients with information regarding what needs to be worn on what occasion.
  • They also suggest hair styles to their clients based on the hair texture, length and volume.
  • Fashion Consultants provide make-up tips as well as suggest as to which make up would suit their clients based on their skin tone.

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