Fashion Buyer Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Fashion Buyer Duties

A fashion buyer is in alleging of buying garments in order to trade them in a retail shop. He must provide his clients with the newest and best stuffs from his store. Besides ordering the products, the buyer must also take care of sales reports which will help them to see the future style in the market. The buyer can also be seen as an association between the suppliers and the shop’s executive.

Job duties of Fashion Buyer

  • The main duty of the fashion buyer is to keep a consistent look over the delivery and checks all the stuff is in good condition or not. He must check the proper time of delivery which is one of the most important concerns.
  • He has to understand the past; present and future trend and plan his strategies according to it. It is most important for him to plan the strategies in the appropriate way so they can benefit him in any further selling’s and buying’s.
  • He must understand the client requirements and arrange the best appeals according to their requirements. He must work as the major face of the store.
  • He must attend most of the fashion shows, designers meeting and industrial conversations to get information regarding to the trend.

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