Farm Manager Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Farm Manager Job Duties involve looking after the animals and the crops. They also plan strategies to get the maximum yield, maintain the farm in the best possible manner and handle various other activities. In order to get into this position one must have thorough knowledge about rearing the animals and maintaining the farm.

Farm Manager Job Duties

  • They are involved growing crops and rearing animals.
  • Farm managers make plans for increasing the farm productivity
  • They are involved in deciding the finances and production procedures
  • They are involved in operating the farm machinery and looking after the livestock
  • Farm managers are involved in supervising his subordinates in activities such as spraying pesticides and insecticides in the farms, driving tractors, etc.
  • They are also involved in marketing the farm products
  • They need to keep a track of the supplies and purchase the required farm products as and required.
  • Farm managers coordinate with contractors for the repair and maintenance work of farm buildings
  • They must see to it that the farm equipments are in good working condition and get them repaired if there is any problem.
  • Farm managers must be prepared with the steps to be taken to save the farm in extreme weather conditions
  • They must see to it that the farm activities are carried out as per the government rules and regulations
  • They need to ensure that the farm animals eat healthy and stay fit
  • They must be updated with newer techniques of handling the farm
  • Farm managers ensure that proper safety measures are taken for the security of the farm

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