Facility Security Officer Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Facility Security Officer Duties

As a Facility Security Officer one has to oversee and administer the Security staffs under his team. His major responsibility would be to provide proper training to the security staffs in drills and security measures. Moreover he must attend the weekly meetings of the Management of the Facility as the representative of his security unit.

Job Duties of Facility Security Officer

  • A Facility Security Officer must supervise and handle the Security personnel of his unit very efficiently.
  • It is very necessary to train the security staffs in exercise and fitness activities along with the proper guidance in taking necessary actions for security purposes.
  • In this job position he must maintain a connection with the local Police station, Fire Station as well as the nearest Hospital for the emergency situations.
  • He needs to attend the meetings called by the management team on behalf of the security division.
  • It would be one of his major duties to prepare the Duty schedule of the personnel on duty in each Shift.
  • He should often go for periodic ‘Rounds’ of guard posts to verify their vigilance and fulfillment of Standing Orders.
  • He should make random verification of logs of entry and exit of security staffs and materials and ensure their correctness from Stores, HRD and Purchase departments.

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