Facilities Manager Job Duties

By | August 26, 2013

A facilities manager plans and manages various facilities and organizes physical workspaces for employees of an organization. Facilities managers are usually employed by large institutions such as private companies, construction companies, civil authorities, or institutions for higher education and others. Initially, a facilities manager’s primary focus was daily maintenance and operation related jobs. However, today, a facilities manager has a much greater role to play. Some of the facilities manager job duties are as follows.

Facilities Manager Job Duties:

  • Facilities Managers ensue that the building or the physical workspace meet the required safety and health requirements.
  • Facilities Managers plan how to allocate and utilise available workspace in the best possible manner for new buildings—or reorganize an old building so that it meets the requirements.
  • Facilities Managers investigate the options for new premises according to a company’s suitability.
  • Facilities Managers have the responsibilities of ensuring that the contractors have completed their work according to the specifications in their contracts and take necessary action if there is any deficiency.
  • Facilities Manager also compares costs for required resources and help achieve maximum value for money.
  • Facilities Managers help in contract management. They seek out contractors and prepare the necessary documents to sign them up.
  • Facilities Managers oversee project management and coordinate and supervise the work of contractors.
  • Facilities Managers make future development plans to meet a company’s business objectives.
  • Facilities Managers have the responsibility of directing and overseeing certain central services such as reception, mail, maintenance, security, archiving, cleaning, waste disposal, etc.
  • Facilities Managers makes financial predictions for a project undertaken by an organization and helps decide the budget required for the project on the basis of their evaluation.
  • Facilities Managers have to ensure coordination between teams and lead them to ensure that the areas under responsibility are being properly covered.
  • Facilities Managers have to read and respond urgently to any emergency which may arise.

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