Fabrication Engineer Job Duties

By | October 17, 2014

A fabrication engineer is an engineer who works in a wide range of industries and fields to assist on the manufacturing processes and see to it that tasks such as metallurgy, welding and other production jobs are well managed.  These engineers apply engineering principles and practices with the aim of improving manufacturing processes and may be directly involved in the development as well as the production process.  A fabrication engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in fabrication engineering, process engineering or structural engineering related field and should have Mathematics as a strong base subject.  In order to work at this position, one may need to fulfil several job duties. The following are some of the main job duties associated with the position of a fabrication engineer:

Fabrication Engineer Job Duties    

  • A fabrication engineer may work on manufacturing processes to improve them to the maximum possible extent.
  • He/she takes part in the development of goods and conducts research on structural materials and other components to enhance production and remove any types of glitches or inefficiencies.
  • A fabrication engineer must work on projects and plan a sequence of action to get a desired task done.
  • He/she must draft models, design stress tests and make sure that the systems designed is as per required standard and performance expectations.
  • To use computer aided design to come up with manufacturing models and plans and then use these plans to explain the manufacturing team about the plan of action.
  • To assign projects to the technicians and other workers and ensure that they have understood client requirements.
  • To place order of needed components, goods and materials.
  • To oversee installation tasks, resolve technical issues whenever they arise.
  • To maintain the quality of work and perform all duties within the budget and time constraint.
  • Another duty is to prepare reports and perform database entry work.

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