Expeditor Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

An Expeditor is an individual who expedites and also facilitates the flow of all materials to and from various departments at the job site. He makes sure that the materials arrive to the designated site at the right time. He inspects the goods upon each delivery to ensure that the level of quality and quantity remains the same as expected and also to ensure adherence to the specifications.

Expeditor Job Duties

  • To work and deal with the vendors directly making sure accurate and on time delivery of the goods to appropriate locations happens.
  • To track the orders, receive the goods and places the products into the inventory.
  • To record and maintain the inventory of the materials’ quantity, type of materials used, parts that are received and distributed, manually or computerized.
  • To confer with the supervisors to determine the overdue materials and the parts thereby informing the supervisors about the overall status of the products.
  • The expeditor remains in touch with the contractor making sure that the project is running smoothly according to the planned schedule.
  • To check with the material suppliers to ensure that the delivery will be made on the speculated date as he is responsible for managing the timing of the delivery.
  • He will be ready to solve the problems and issues such as the budget crossing the planned amount or if the contractor needs some more materials than planned.
  • He will always be having a contingency plan in case the work goes not as planned.
  • When the expeditor makes a mistake by purchasing the wrong material or if the needed materials do not arrive on time, then the work cannot continue and delays which results in a great cost for the contractor.
  • To interact with others he needs to communicate effectively and clearly as he gets to meet with clients, suppliers, and many delivery firms.

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