Executive Secretary Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Executive – Secretary Duties

The job duty of an executive secretary is of utmost importance to the organization. With an excellent verbal and communication skills, she is expected to have some idea of the administrative and clerical procedures of any organization. In addition of handling the external clients sometimes, she is expected to keep the internal administration of the office almost perfect and working.

Job Duties of an Executive Secretary

  • The most important job duty of an executive secretary is to manage the office space or correspondence, and maintaining all reports and documents in a proper order.
  • She will be responsible for organizing and coordinate the meetings, conferences and making of arrangements for travel.
  • She must maintain all the schedules and calendars of the office activities.
  • She will have to organize the internal and external events in the office and see to it that all events pass of peacefully without any chaos.
  • It is her job duty to set up and maintain the filing and archiving systems.
  • The databases are very important to an organization and hence it is the duty of the executive secretary to see that all databases are maintained properly.
  • She will have to liaison with the internal and external contacts or vendors and look after the overall coordination of the office.

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