Executive Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Executive Administrator Job Duties include managing various administrative and financial activities. He is involved in handling a number of tasks. In order to get into this position one needs to have a bachelor’s degree and possess relevant work experience.  Since the work involves dealing with various departments; employers seek candidates with good communication and inter-personal skills.

Executive Administrator Job Duties

  • An Executive Administrator assists in preparing the budget.
  • He also provides inputs while implementing the financial policies and procedures
  • He is involved in the reconciliation of the general ledger
  • He is also required to prepare and maintain the accounts of the suppliers to keep a track of the dealings
  • He prepares reports on the various activities handles and also enters the details in the system.
  • An Executive Administrator is required to prepare income statements and balance sheets
  • He also assists in conducting the annual audits
  • An Executive Administrator prepares and maintains financial reports and other related documents
  • He authorizes the purchase orders
  • An Executive Administrator is involved in the reconciliation of the accounts payable and the accounts receivable.
  • He is also required to distribute the utility bills and collect the amount.
  • An Executive Administrator needs to administer the employment agreements
  • He is involved in verifying the payment reports
  • He needs to check and maintain the leave management system
  • An Executive Administrator is required to review remittances
  • He is expected to provide inputs during the completion of payroll and review the payroll documentation and reports
  • He also has the power to issue licenses and permits


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