Event Planner Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Event Planner Job Duties include planning the event and working on various aspects to make the event a success. There are a number of other job duties that an event planner is required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail. It is essential to pursue a course in event planning in order to get into this position.

Event Planner Job Duties

  • Event Planner is required to plan and organize various kinds of events. Certain event planners specialize in a particular kind of event while others may be involved in organizing more than one kind of events.
  • Event Planner is required to meet the clients and understand their requirements; he needs to discuss every little detail of the event with them.
  • Event Planner is required to understand the client’s budget and plan the event accordingly.
  • Event Planner needs to take an estimate of the cost involved in organizing the entire event and share the estimated cost with the client. It is essential for the event planner to make the best possible arrangements within the budget set by the client.
  • Event Planner is required to organize events such as seminars, conferences, weddings, birthday parties, business events, festival celebrations, inaugurations, etc.
  • Event Planner needs to stay updated with the latest market trends and plan the events accordingly.
  • Event Planner is required to help the client in deciding the menu for the event. He is required to give the various available options to the clients and suggest them as to what should be included.
  • Event Planner needs to decide the performances that would take place in the event. He needs to discuss the same with the client before finalizing it.
  • Event Planner is required to take care of all the decorations that are to be done. He needs to show the decoration designs to the client and take his approval on the same before finalizing it.

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