Event Manager Job Duties

By | April 2, 2013

The responsibility of an event manager is to organize parties, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, award ceremonies etc. Their job is to choose the venue, arranging schedules, deciding on the menu, advertising the event, inviting guests, arranging sponsorship, selecting vendors, decorators etc.

They should have good management skills as they to manage a team of staff. They should be very organized, responsible and should be capable of multi-tasking. They are required to have excellent communication skills as they need to interact with a variety of people like suppliers, designers, caterers and need to deal with inquires from the venue staff, guests, organizers etc. They need to also carefully handle money matters and organize the events within a given budget.

Event Managers Job Duties

  • Event managers are responsible for making all arrangements for an event on behalf of the organizers.
  • Event managers are responsible for selecting an appropriate venue for the event.
  • Event managers need to plan the menu and appoint caterers for preparing items and giving service to the guests.
  • They are responsible for appointing designers, decorators, suppliers, vendors. They regularly need to stay in touch with them, fix meetings, negotiate with them in order to make the arrangements successful.
  • They are responsible for the distribution of marketing materials, running campaigns and advertisements, arranging sponsors for the event etc.
  • Event managers are responsible for inviting guests at the party.
  • Event managers are responsible for deciding on the budget for the event and making arrangements accordingly.
  • Event managers need to keep track of the expenses being incurred.
  • Events managers are responsible for the procurement of gifts for the important guests.
  • Event managers are responsible for making prompt decisions related to the event.
  • They are responsible for leading and supervising their team members and ensuring that the coordination among them is proper.


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