Event Coordinator Job Duties

By | November 5, 2013

Event coordinator job duties are to get involved in various stages of organizing an event, either big or small. They have to allocate the tasks, coordinate with people who are responsible for every aspect of the event, and successfully organize the event.

The educational requirements of an event coordinator are degree in public relations, or any business related degree. The candidate has to exhibit good people management and public relations skills at every stage. Some of the duties of event coordinator are mentioned below.

Event Coordinator Job Duties

  • Has to discuss with the clients about the expectation and requirement and quote a right price for organizing the event.
  • Allocate the accountabilities of various requirements for a particular event to right people.
  • Coordinate with people to know more about the event, requirements, execution etc.
  • Should manage the finance of the event. Should keep track of the cash inflow and out flow, cost involved in organizing, material management etc.
  • Conduct regular meetings, and follow up with the respective teams to ensure smooth execution and also to meet the deadline.
  • Should stay abreast with the latest trend, styles and materials to make the event more successful.
  • Has to plan effectively at the beginning and make sure the work is in line with the planning schedule.
  • Should have sound knowledge about the work plan and schedule.
  • Has to provide good service during the event. Be it food or beverages or welcoming the guests for the event.
  • Should be involved in the final stages of completion and supervise the work.
  • Should publicize the event in effective way, as per the client’s expectation.
  • Should coordinate on the technical aspects, equipments, and logistics
  • Give an overview of the final set up to the clients in a clear way.
  • Manage the inventory of materials and use them properly.
  • Has to do the settlement of payments to the respective vendors and negotiate with them.

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