ESL Teacher Job Duties

By | November 2, 2012

ESL Teacher job duties include teaching English to students whose mother tongue or first language is any language other than English. These students are those who are required to stay in UK for a long period or may be even permanently for some reason. ESL teachers are required to take lectures on different English language courses and prepare these students to understand, speak and write English language correctly.

These courses also provide information related to the UK culture to these students. There are a number of tasks that an ESL teacher is required to handle during the course of teaching this subject to the students; some of which are mentioned below in detail.

ESL Teacher Job Duties

  • ESL Teacher is required to teach English to the students whose mother tongue is not English but who are required to live in UK for a long time or settle here permanently.
  • ESL Teacher needs to take lectures on different English language courses.
  • ESL Teacher is required to give ESL assignments to the students and make sure that the students resolve these assignments properly.
  • ESL Teacher needs to prepare study material on this subject and share the same with the students to help them learn better.
  • ESL Teacher is required to ensure that the classroom sessions are interactive and that every student takes part in the discussion.
  • ESL Teacher is required to assess the student’s knowledge about the subject by conducting examination.
  • ESL Teacher needs to design the examination papers and check the resolved answer sheets of the students to understand as to how much they have learned about the subject.
  • ESL Teacher is required to pay more attention towards the students who do not score well in the examination.
  • ESL Teacher is required to maintain a record of the student’s attendance and other essential details.

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