Environmental Technician Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Environmental Technician works in close association with the environmental scientists and looks after the indoor as well as outdoor resources. These technicians collect various samples to find out air, soil, gas and other types of pollution and find out ways to cure them. In order to get into this profile one needs to have a certificate or an associate degree in applied science. An Environmental Technician must possess good analytic thinking.

Environmental Technician Job Duties

  • An Environmental Technician’s work profile includes collecting the samples of various gases and conduct tests to figure out pollutant levels.
  • They also collect samples of soil to figure out the pollutant levels by carrying out tests on these samples.
  • Environmental Technicians look for water samples and collect them in order to find out the pollutant levels by conducting tests on them.
  • Environmental Technicians look for the samples of industrial wastewater and asbestos products and collect them for conducting tests to figure out the pollutant levels.
  • They conduct all these above mentioned tests to know the level and various sources of pollution.
  • Environmental Technicians keep a record of the test data
  • They are required to prepare test reports and share them with Environmental scientists.
  • Environmental Technicians also prepare summaries and charts interpreting test results.
  • They also discuss the test results and analysis with the customers.
  • Environmental Technicians are involved in planning and designing programs that allow monitoring of environmental pollution and radiations.
  • They handle and maintain equipments used for measuring and collecting pollutants from sites.
  • Environmental Technicians analyze the cause of pollution and the ways to lower pollutants in order to promote a clean and healthy environment.

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