Entry Level Accountant Job Duties

By | June 3, 2014

An entry level accountant is one who is in charge of maintaining the basic financial information of the company. The tasks performed by an entry level accountant are of routine nature and does not require the candidate to be highly skilled though good educational background is necessary. Some of the entry level accountant job duties are specified below:

Entry Level Accountant Job Duties

  • The entry level accountant acts as a financial record-keeper for the company.
  • The candidate has to keep track of all financial transactions and record them in a systematic manner either in electronic or book form as specified by the company.
  • Prepare all financial reports in consultation with the accounts manager as and when necessary.
  • Assist the accounts department in finalizing and preparing the annual budget by providing all key reports and information necessary in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a record of all the assets and liabilities and profit and loss statements of the company and prepare the balance sheet of the company by coordinating with the finance department.
  • Prepare the annual tax liabilities report and submit to the accounts head after consultation with the accounts manager regarding all the transactions and their posting under respective heads properly.
  • Assist the accounts department in computation of various kinds of taxes that the company has to pay such as sales tax, income tax, professional tax, service tax etc as applicable.
  • Provide assistance to the accounts department in preparation of project reports from the financial point of view by entering all the vital information in a careful manner.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports such as cost-benefit analysis, income statement, and expenditure statement and submit to the accounts head for review.
  • Administer the bank account statement and cash statement by keeping a tally of the same on a daily basis.

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