Engineering Technicians Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Engineering Technicians Job Duties include resolving technical issues of their clients. They are involved in conducting research programs and coming up with newer engineering techniques. An associates’ degree in engineering technology is the minimum requirement for getting into this position. As compared to engineers the scope is limited in this field.

Engineering Technicians Job Duties

  • Engineering Technicians need to work on technical problems and resolve them.
  • Engineering Technicians may be required to repair and maintain various electronic, mechanical and electrical items depending upon their area of specialization.
  • Engineering Technicians may work for the research and development sector.
  • Engineering Technicians may carry out various technical tasks for the manufacturing, sales, construction, maintenance and even inspection sector by using various engineering principles.
  • Engineering Technicians provide assistance to engineers as well as scientists. They follow their instructions and work as per their requirement.
  • Engineering Technicians need to understand the client’s requirement and budget and work accordingly. They may conduct meetings or have a discussion with the client over the phone.
  • Engineering Technicians need to collect data from the industry they are working for in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to them.
  • Engineering Technicians may conduct tests in order to check if there is any technical issue arising.
  • Engineering Technicians are required to ensure that the work being done by them is as pet the set guidelines.
  • Engineering Technicians need to ensure that they deliver quality work and that too within the stipulated time.
  • Engineering Technicians maintain a record of the tasks handled by them.

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