Engineering Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Engineering Manager Duties

The key role of Engineering Manager is leading the Transit department to achieve the company’s engineering strategy. In this position you will have to make sure that the skill profiles meets up the current and future requirements of the company. Sometimes it is necessary to provide necessary technical advice and being involved in the preparation of bids as well.

Job Duties of Engineering Manager

  • It is your task to become involved in Design Authority for engineering within projects.
  • Your role also comprises of managing the allocation of engineering resources to projects along with the relevant Program Managers.
  • You will have to work with other staffs of the Management team to make an important contribution to strategic direction of the division as a whole.
  • Participate in managing and developing the engineering personnel.
  • Participate actively for the technical presentations and discussions with customers and suppliers on behalf of company.
  • You must accomplish the occupational risk assessment.
  • In order to achieve the goals set by the company it will be one of your major responsibilities to identify inadequacies and improve the standard and productivity.
  • You will have to ensure the modus operandi properly support the need to meet up statutory requirements for all equipments delivered, such as Safety, Electro Magnetic Compliance etc.

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