Energy Consultant Job Duties

By | May 20, 2014

An energy consultant provides assistance to companies in managing the energy resources of the company in an efficient manner. The energy consultant is expected to posses good understanding of the various energy sources and their benefits as well. The energy consultant job duties revolve around the various energy management techniques and negotiations which are detailed here below.

Energy Consultant Job Duties

  • Assess the energy requirements of the company at all stages and suggest accordingly.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the various energy sources including their cost-benefit ratio to help the company decide on the most suitable energy option.
  • Provide negotiation with energy seller if necessary and help in concluding the deal in a profitable manner for the company.
  • Provide technology based analysis and presentation for providing flow of energy sources and indicate optimum utilization of the resources.
  • Draft quotations and submit to the energy vendors before finalizing the energy deals. Also follow up with energy vendors and finalize the deal with the approval of the top management of the company.
  • Prepare vendor agreements with energy equipment suppliers of the company in an amicable manner by including all necessary clauses to protect the interests of the company.
  • Oversee the installation of the energy equipments in the company and make sure that it becomes functional without any problems.
  • Provide detailed evaluation and analysis of the energy analysis for the company every year in order to revise the usage of energy resources which help the company in maintaining profits.
  • Acts as a point of contact between the company and the energy vendors at all times.
  • Ensure to prepare and file tax returns of the company which provides for obtaining subsidy for usage of energy sources every year.
  • Prepare annual energy usage report and submit to the top management for review and approval.

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