Encoder Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Encoder Duties

An encoder is someone who works on the encoding, typing and compiling data obtained from many different reliable sources to provide unlimited source of information for the readers or to whoever the data may purposely serve. The encoder works in different workplace – firms, offices, individuals or any other place that might require encoding services. He should have an eye for details to see the most inconspicuous, but essential details that can affect the whole system of databases. Of course, an in-depth knowledge and technical know-how on computers will serve him greatly.

Encoder Job Duties

  • Input data including lists, numbers, text, personal medical records or other pertinent forms
  • Code and abstract records, documents and other data sheets in a timely manner
  • Verify and review the entries once encoded for utmost reliability
  • Reformat previously entered data if there is a need to
  • Make sure that data encoded are accurate and true using equipment from the simplest paper and copiers to the most advanced system like Braille media, electronic data system and cryptography
  • Work with other staff harmoniously
  • Continue studying innovations and changes to keep updated with the latest encoding system

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