Emergency Medical Technician Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Emergency Medical Technician Duties

When someone is appointed as an Emergency Medical Technician his basic job will be to act in response to emergency calls to present professional and immediate care to the seriously ill and injured, and to move the patient to a medical facility.

After getting the call from the correspondent, the Emergency Medical Technician takes the ambulance to the location given.

Duties of Emergency Medical Technician

  • An Emergency Medical Technician, irrespective of weather and traffic situation will have to transport the patient to proper destinations. The EMT-B must monitor traffic ordinances and regulations regarding emergency vehicle operation.
  • He needs to function in rare situations;
  • He needs to? function within the scope of patient care as regulated by state, regional and local regulatory agencies;
  • He must comply with regulations on the treatment of the deceased, notify the authorities and arrange for protection of possessions and evidence at the scene.
  • After arriving at the sight of crash or illness, the Emergency Medical Technician should park the ambulance in a safe place to avoid further injury.
  • Before initiating patient care, the Emergency Medical Technician will also evaluate the sight to verify that the place is safe, the causes of wound or nature of illness, the total number of patients, and to ask for additional help, if necessary.

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