Email Marketing Manager Job Duties

By | September 17, 2013

An email marketing manager’s primary responsibility is to supervise the production of all communications that take place via email like client newsletters, company announcements, product surveys, feedback forms and sales promotions. Since the turn of the last decade, email marketing has grown to be a strong form of advertising.

The email marketing manager job duties include working closely with the design, production and marketing department to create aesthetically appealing email templates, online messaging and landing pages for various audiences. Email marketing managers help organize mass email campaigns and monitor subscriptions adhering to spam regulations. Various email marketing manager job duties are given below.

Email Marketing Manager Job Duties:

  • An email marketing manager plans email marketing campaigns specifically tailored for a target group depending on the nature of the product the campaign is selling or the service it is offering.

  • An email marketing manager is in charge of the marketing campaign, of which he supervises each element: creative development, data analysis and planning.

  • An email marketing manager decides and directs his/her company’s long term marketing plans. Even if a campaign seems to not work in the beginning, it is the duty of the email marketing manager to be persistent and at the same time motive his team members because good customer relationships are not built in a day.

  • An email marketing manager ensures that his campaign is planned according to spam regulations. Email marketing managers should keep track of permissions needed to send promotional and advertising mails to audiences in case of spam complaints. Not getting the requisite permissions before launching a campaign online can risk customer goodwill and induce chances of receiving CAN-SPAM penalties.

  • An email marketing manager need to co-ordinate with all email marketers working under him and include the survey and research department for market research and performance assessment purposes.

  • An email marketing manager creates plans or simply provides recommendations for the betterment of marketing campaigns that are brought to him for supervision or re-adjustment. 

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