Electrical Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

The electrical technicians are skilled in installation and maintenance of various electrical appliances. They are capable enough to handle various electrical items big or small used at different places including offices, factories and houses. The electrical technicians need to have a relevant educational qualification and should undergo a specialized training in order to perform these tasks.

Electrical Technician Job Duties

  • An electrical technician must be skilled in carrying out the installation of various electrical equipments

  • Carry out the maintenance and repair work of various electrical appliances efficiently

  • Work on the installation of electrical equipments in factories, offices and homes

  • Work individually and also as a part of a team of engineers and other technicians.

  • Focus on one aspect; either installation or maintenance. However, have knowledge about both.

  • Read blueprints that give an idea about the location of the outlets, circuits, panel boards and various other related equipments.

  • Must be able to connect the wires and other components after proper examination

  • It is essential for an electrical technician to know how various tools work and where to use which one. He must choose the correct tools to perform these tasks.

  • Must be able to handle lighting and wiring systems

  • Should be experienced enough to handle the development of electric motors

  • Must be able to handle the development and maintenance of navigation systems and utilities

  • Work in construction areas and carry out the work related to maintenance of various electrical equipments
  • Must be able to scrutinize the electrical circuits and power supply equipments and repair any issues arising in these.

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