Electrical Engineer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Electrical Engineer Duties

You are assigned for the Project Developments from concept to completion. In order to do this you will have to control the project expenditures to keep away from cost overruns. Mentoring and evaluating the electrical engineering staff members and the design team. You should discuss with the engineers and customers on existing or prospective engineering projects and products as well.

Job Duties of Electrical Engineer

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and improving the electrical instruments, equipments, components, products, services, and systems for commercial, manufacturing, and domestic purposes.
  • Operate computer-aided engineering and design tools and equipment to execute engineering tasks.
  • Giving proper direction and coordinating various construction manufacturing, maintenance, installation, documentation , support and testing activities to ensure the acceptance with terms, codes, and customer necessities.
  • Perform thorough calculations to calculate and set up manufacturing, construction, and installation standards along with the specifications.
  • Supervise project production efforts to guarantee projects will be accomplished satisfactorily, within given time period and within budget.
  • Organize and study technical drawings, the specifications of electrical systems, and also the topographical maps to ensure that installation and operations fits to the standards and customer requirements.
  • Another duty of yours includes planning and implementation of research methodology and various means which are relevant to the principles of electrical theory for the engineering projects.

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