Educational Assistant Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

Educational Assistant Job Duties include providing educational programs at schools and other educational institutions. They basically assist the teachers and follow their instructions. They help the teachers in providing education to the students. Educational Assistants and teachers work as a team to provide the best possible education to the students.

Educational Assistant Job Duties

  • Educational Assistants are required to work as a team with the teachers.
  • They help in designing study modules and even deciding the curriculum.
  • Educational Assistants assist the teachers while they are conducting classroom sessions.
  • They may even be required to conduct classroom sessions in the absence of the teacher.
  • They assist the teachers in identifying students with different interests and help in planning various activities for these students.
  • Educational Assistants work as per the guidelines set by the teachers.
  • They help the students in learning lessons under the direction of the teachers.
  • They are required to help the teachers in marking the students.
  • Educational Assistants also help in preparing the worksheets of the students.
  • They help in identifying the required classroom inventory and coordinate with the school administration for fulfilling the requirement.
  • Educational Assistants help the teachers during the exam time by conducting special revision classes for the students under the teachers’ supervision.
  • They also assist the teachers in the preparation of the result.
  • They help the teachers in completing the routine paperwork and preparing the student progress reports.
  • Educational Assistants monitor the students when the teachers are not around.
  • They accompany the teachers in the parents-teachers’ meetings and even discuss the performance of the students with their parents.

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