Education Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

When one think of any education profession, the concept of teachers generally comes into our mind. But if you do not want to be a teacher, you can still belong to the profession of education in the future. You can get some ideas of the profession if you go through the education job duties mentioned in this section.

You can work as an education administrator in the senior level and oversee the entire system, starting from admission to the process of graduation. You may also do the course evaluation process and supervise the entire proceedings of the examination.

If you want to go for a less responsible position, you can work as a liaison officer in the University. You will have to coordinate with various persons and departments at the university and see that the education process happens in a smooth and peaceful manner.

If you are more of academic minded, you can work as a research fellow in the university or college level. Just go through the details of education job duties and you can get a clear picture of the work you may have to do. You can not only carry on with your own research, but can also invite other people for further research in your university.

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