Education Administrator Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Education Administrator Duties

The responsibilities as an Education administrator will be to organize and run the administration of an educational institution. You will have to support the systems and activities that is effective in order to run the administration of the institution.

Administrators here play significant role in areas like admissions, examinations, quality assurance, and data management or in specialist departments such as human resources, finance or careers.

Job Duties of an Educational Administrator

  • Supervising the committees which include governing bodies, academic boards and task groups.
  • Providing assistance in recruitments, public or alumni relations and marketing activities.
  • Oversee the ‘student lifecycle’ from the time of registration or admission up to graduation or farewell.
  • Giving administrative support to the academic team of lecturers, professor or teachers.
  • Planning and understanding the institutional regulations and managing queries and complaints procedures.
  • It will be the duty of an education administrator to coordinate examination and review processes.
  • Try to maintain high level of quality assurance, including the course assessment and course approval procedures.
  • participate in the expansion of future information systems.
  • playing important role in the policy and planning;
  • interacting with other administrative employees, academic colleagues and students;
  • You will have to coordinate with external agencies, partner institutions, other institutions, government departments as well as the prospective students.

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