Doctor Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Doctor Duties

Professional who plays a vital role in the lives and saving the lives of people are the doctors. They are the ones who attend to all our medical and healing needs. They can work in hospitals, some in offices and laboratories. They can be on-call for 24/7.  They can practice their profession whether inside or outside the medical facility he works for. Our lives when we are very sick are in the hands of the doctors, though as a whole, in the hands of God.

Doctor Job Duties

  • Make adequate assessment of the patient’s conditions based on the history and physical examination or laboratory tests
  • Administer mediation’s and provide appropriate treatments
  • Provide assistance on some other emergency cases
  • Deliver babies and provide pre-natal as well as post-natal care
  • Advice patients and kin on health care that includes health promotion, disease, illness and accident prevention
  • Lead and give counseling to its patients
  • Manage and provide the best care or even its primary patient care
  • Monitor the continuous health care to its patients
  • Supervise and organize some kind of home care services
  • Report births, deaths, and contagious and other diseases to government authorities
  • Work with professional competence
  • Keep clear and accurate medical records of patients
  • Work well with other colleagues in the field

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