District Sales Manager Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

District Sales Manager Duties

In the position of a District Sales Manager one will have to supervise a company’s regional sales. Since you are the in-charge of some branches of a district of your company you need to monitor sales, profitability and account as well. Apart from these responsibilities you will have to be involved in recruitment and training of the company staffs, build up guidelines and strategies, assign area of tasks and ensure customers satisfaction.

Job duties of District Sales Manager

  • You are liable to ensure each branch within your territory properly executes the corporate office’s sales policies. You must have the full information on the products that are being sold, as well as your company’s general mission.
  • Apart from this you must be passionate about the services and products and have an idea of how to transmit those objectives to each manager in every district.
  • Manage your organization and maintain a healthy relation with your employees to motivate your team for better performance. You will have to brief the manager of each area on what should be accomplished on a regular basis.
  • In certain adverse situation you must handle everything very tactfully with experienced problem solving ability.
  • Give proper training to your recruited staffs so that they can perform as per the company guidelines.

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