Distance Learning Coordinator Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Distance Learning Coordinator Duties

Distance learning coordinator is a person who is capable of teaching from any point, if a person is away from him he should able to teach him at that instances too. He monitors the progress of the learners by providing them the daily work which they have to complete anyhow. They also provide the point of contact for making better communication with the students.

Job duties of Distance Learning Coordinator

  • Distance learning coordinator is able to design, develop and deploy the educational resources online and guide them to the student via communicating them online with the help of internet.
  • Give out all sorts of distance learning courses, schedules and offering with the help of website where they can accesses easily.
  • Make sure stipulation of practical or logistical hold up to distance knowledge user such distant web-based classrooms, online chat channels for participatory assembly and online exams.
  • They always maintain online website and database so that they can be easily used for the further use.
  • All the communication and distance education can be done with the help of emails and provides syllabus and schedules for the exams.
  • Access the effectiveness of distance learning programs which can help in designing phases and subsequent programs efficiently.

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