Director of Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

The chief role of a security director is to direct all the security functions of his organization or where ever he is employed. In order to get into this profession, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, police science or public safety. Those having a relevant work experience are given more preference.

Director of Security Job Duties

  • The Director of Security needs to plan and organize safety and security measures.
  • He/She needs to coordinate and direct the safety and security measures.
  • He/She needs to make sure that the office premises are properly safeguarded
  • The Director of Security keeps an eye on all the activities going on in the security department
  • He/She spreads awareness regarding the security needs and methods to ensure safety and security amongst the other employees.
  • He/She examines the vulnerability of the workplace/ building and works on making it secure for the people working and visiting there.
  • He/She prepares plans to prevent any crime so as to safeguard the property as well as the personnel.
  • The Director of Security is also involved in hiring other security staff.
  • He/She is also involved in training the senior security staff.
  • His/her job responsibilities include the supervision of managers who take care of the activities of the security staff
  • The Director of Security evaluates the managers who supervise the security staff. The evaluation is done at regular intervals.
  • He/She checks the effectiveness of the security alarm.
  • He/She also checks the installation and working of lighting and cameras
  • The job also involves reviewing the detailed reports about the incidents that took place in the past and find out about the security loopholes that led to those incidents.

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