Director of Sales & Marketing Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Director of Sales & Marketing Duties

As the Director of Sales & Marketing you will have to give the direction to the daily operations of your sales department. In this position your duties will be to focus on your company’s strategic goals as the departmental in charge. You will be responsible to report to the Company President /CEO.

Duties & Responsibilities of Director of Sales & Marketing

  • In order to maintain the strategic goal of the company you must evaluate the sales statistics to determine the business growth potential.
  • Control the day-to-day operations of the sales team, as to maintain the focus on the company’s strategic goal.
  • You should establish a target for the performance for all sales department staffs, and monitor performance on a constant basis.
  • Supervise all recruitments, training and dismissal of employees involved in Sales and Marketing.
  • Give proper direction to your department in order to achieve desired goal established in the Company’s Strategic Plan.
  • Build up, maintain and enhance the business relations with all clients of your Company.
  • Establish new customer base along with new sales opportunities, initiate action plan to move toward and secure new business models for the Company.
  • You must take responsibility for the entire Trade Accounts Receivables.  Proactively monitor A/R aging with your personnel, coordinates with Credit Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager/Controller.

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