Director of Public Administration Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Director of Public Administration Duties

Being a Director of Public Administration your job responsibilities would be to plan, organize, coordinate, evaluate all activities and programs of your division and give proper direction for the development of the organization. Apart from this you will have to prepare personnel policy manuals, pay plans, job descriptions as well as other staff assistance to member governments.

Job Duties of Director of Public Administration

  • You will have to oversee all employees assigned to the Division.
  • Coordinate the activities of your Division jointly with other units of the public and service agencies.
  • If necessary negotiate between the Department for Local Government, and other state agencies as well as city and county bureaucrats.
  • Provide technical support to local province and municipal governments.
  • Supervise and participate in CDBG project administration.
  • Provide assistance to local governments with donation and loan applications.
  • Very often you will have to visit local governments and scrutinize ongoing projects.
  • Manage the development of the Work Element Objectives of Agency and writings of the JFA Annual and Semi-Annual Narrative reports.
  • You will represent the agency and/or Division at federal, state and local meetings as per the direction of the Executive Director.
  • You will have to take part in Tourism promotions as well.

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