Director Of Pharmacy Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Director Of Pharmacy Duties

The Director of Pharmacy is accountable for the well-organized operation of the hospital pharmacy. In this esteemed position you will have to establish the standards of quality, efficiency and performance as per the policies and procedures of the pharmacy. You must follow the Mission and ethics of the Medical Center.

Duties and Responsibilities of Director of Pharmacy:

  • You will have to coordinate and supervise the department operations.
  • Develop and maintain the pharmacy services as per the State and Federal regulations, approved standards, certified practices and hospital guidelines
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  • Create and maintain job duties and accomplish annual performance assessment on all staffs in a timely manner.
  • Provide your assistance in administration with the yearly budget and submit capital expenditure requirements per policy.
  • Review and adjust Policy and Procedure manual once a year.
  • Take initiative and execute Quality Improvement for the department.
  • Select, adjust, administer, train and fire the departmental personnel as per the requirement of the hospital.
  • You are the in charge for the planning, administration, management and successful implementation of all activities which are related to the pharmacy’s operations.
  • Prepare and dispense medicines, chemicals as well as pharmaceutical preparations in accordance with the written orders by certified medical practitioners with medical privileges.

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