Director of Nursing Services Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Director of Nursing Services Duties

The Director of Nursing Services is primary responsible to ensure the provision of quality nursing care service on a 24-hour basis to the inhabitants of the Nursing Home compliant with Federal, State and Local standards and regulations.
She is accountable for the recruitment and hiring of both licensed and non-licensed staff. Besides that he should monitor the job performance of the nursing team and verify Nursing Department performance level as well.

Job Duties of Director of Nursing Services

  • Assesses the performance of Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Restorative Care Coordinator, Care Plan Coordinator, Medical Records Clerk, Nurse Supervisors.
  • He also recommends member of staff promotions and terminations to the Nursing Home Administrator.
  • The Director of Nursing Services supervises the staffing levels of different nursing sections; and when required he also directs staff rotations and reschedules employees to meet increased or decreased demands of nursing service.
  • In this job position one of his major tasks would be to develop nursing service objectives, policies and measures and give direction in the implementation of these objectives.
  • The Director of Nursing Services continuously watches Federal and State guidelines and requirements and modifies Departmental actions accordingly.
  • He needs to ensure in-service educational programs geared to the specific needs of elderly patients.

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