Director of Marketing Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Director of Marketing Duties

In the position of Director of Marketing you will be the person who is in-charge for the direction of marketing as well as the growth and implementation of marketing strategy on the whole. Apart from this you must take care of the brand positioning, sales support and public relations activities as well.

Job duties of Director of Marketing

  • You need to plan, develop and supervise marketing enterprise through positioning, direct marketing, communication, social media and all other aspects of marketing.
  • Create the annual marketing plan to enhance brand awareness and utilize assessable metrics to verify its effectiveness.
  • Develop strategies to generate sales leads and successfully convert those leads to the suitable sales leader.
  • Conduct in-depth evaluation of major rival companies’ offerings and market positioning in relation to the requirements of prospective customers and trends.
  • Give direction and propose the Company’s public relation strategies; communicate with press and other media.
  • Plan, execute and administer the yearly marketing budget
  • Develop and supervise all activities which related to the participation in industry trade shows
  • Provide regular analysis of market trends in the product service management industry as well as customer necessities, competitive tactics and recognizing the opportunities for increasing customer value through segregation.
  • Serve as the marketing leader, and set up the marketing strategy to support fast growth of the company.

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