Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships

By | July 2, 2010

Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships Duties

The main responsibility of Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships will be to work in collaboration with a committee. The Committee comprises of volunteers who are mostly individuals from the business community and education profession. You are expected to maintain a good relation with all the committee members so that the process goes on smoothly.

Job duties of director of fundraising and business partnerships

  • You will have to develop a letter writing campaign and see to it that the effort runs successfully among the supporters to the cause of the company.
  • You will also have to assist in writing grants on behalf of the company to the targeted persons for the specific purposes.
  • Through these efforts, you will have to develop a good working relationship with the different companies and at the end, see to it that sponsorships or donations are coming to the organization.
  • If necessary, you can also use your own business contacts in order to bring sponsorship to the organization. You must ensure that no activities of the company or the trust get affected due to lack of any fund or sponsorships.
  • It will also be your responsibility to invite the sponsors at the respective events and see what you are trying to do.

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