Dialysis Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

The Dialysis Technicians are well versed with operating the dialysis machine which is used to get rid of excess fluids and waste from the patient’s blood. This procedure is carried out for those patients whose kidneys are not functioning properly. The Dialysis Technicians work under the guidance of physicians usually in hospitals or clinics.

Dialysis Technician Job Duties

  • The Dialysis Technicians need to have a thorough knowledge about the working of the Dialysis machinery.
  • Their job involves operating the Dialysis machine and cleaning it after every sitting.
  • They also need to sterilize the Dialysis machine as it is very essential for the hygiene purpose
  • They must maintain a friendly approach towards the patients and understand their needs
  • They must possess good communication skills in order to explain a few details about the Dialysis machine and the procedure before the patient undergoes it
  • They are required to monitor the weight and vital signs of the patient before he undergoes the procedure
  • They are also expected to monitor the details about his weight and vital signs at the time when the Dialysis procedure is going on and after this blood cleansing procedure is done
  • They also need to record the weight and vital signs of the patient before the Dialysis procedure begins, during the procedure and once it has been completed
  • They also provide information regarding the in house treatments to the patients
  • As they work with blood, the Dialysis Technicians need to ensure that precautions are taken in order to safeguard the patients against diseases like hepatitis and AIDS

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