Dermatologist Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Dermatologist Duties

We all care for our skin. As much as we can, we would always want to keep it smooth, glowing and younger looking and without scars or blemishes that make the skin look unpleasant. In that concern, we need the services of a dermatologist. The work of the dermatologist used to very popular for skin care, but now, the work has extended to the care of the nails, hair and mucous membranes as well. Work, then has become more complex, but more lucrative.

To know dermatologists well and what they do for our beauty and health.

Dermatologist Job Duties

  • Diagnose people’s relative to their skin problems and concerns
  • Take blood samples and smears from areas of concern, as needed
  • Treat skin ailments like: skin cancer, skin tumors and moles
  • Diagnose and treat all varieties of skin rashes
  • Diagnose and treat conditions of the skin and skin appendages like acne, athlete’s foot, nail problems, warts
  • Perform dermatological surgery for health or aesthetic reasons, depending on the clients
    • cancer surgery
    • laser surgery
    • phlebotomy (vein surgery)
    • liposuction
    • chemical peels
    • dermabrasion
    • hair transplants
  • Treat and give assistance and care to some cosmetic skin disorders such as scars, hair loss, wrinkles and loose skin. (Doctors may use collagen or Botox injections in some cases

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