Dental Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

Dental technicians are assigned the duty of assisting the dentists in carrying out the treatments of various oral diseases and injuries. In order to work as a dental technician one needs to have a relevant educational qualification. Also he/ she must be trained efficiently before carrying out any such activity.

Dental Technician Job Duties

  • A dental technician is required to help the dentists or dental health care providers in curing various oral diseases and injuries.

  • He/ She are also expected to assist the health care providers in making an effort to prevent any oral disease or injury in the first place.

  • A dental technician is expected to assist the dentist while a dental procedure is going on.

  • A dental technician must have a thorough knowledge about the use of various dental tools, equipment and medicines

  • He/ She must be able to prepare various dental medications and materials used in dental treatments
  • A dental technician needs to take dental X-rays in order to figure out the problem
  • He/ She must also be able to expose and process dental X-rays
  • He/ She must be well versed with providing first aid in case of dental emergency
  • A dental technician must take it as a duty to give information about dental hygiene to the patients
  • He/ She must also provide information regarding dental care to the patients
  • He/ She is also expected to carry out all the dental administrative work
  • He/ She must keep a record of the patients visiting for dental check-up.
  • A dental technician must also maintain a record of the treatments and the reports of the patients.

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