Dental Office Receptionist Job Duties

By | February 13, 2014

Dental office receptionist job duties involve managing the communication with patients along with managing other administrative works in the dental clinic or hospital. A Dental office receptionist offer courteous support to all the patients by supporting them in their appointments and communication with the dentists. They work in multi-levels and organize thing in such a manner that all the patients and dentists work according to the schedules. Various duties of dental office receptionist are given below:

 Dental Office Receptionist Job Duties

  • Dental office receptionist communicates with the patients in person or over the phone regarding all the appointment works.
  • The track of all the appointments is kept by the dental office receptionist and they maintain a data base regarding all these appointments.
  • They coordinate amongst the patients, hygienists and the dentists by informing them about their availability and presence.
  • All the follow up appointments are also scheduled by the dental office receptionist.
  • Dental office receptionist also issue the bills to the patients and if required they do explain the details of the bills to the patients.
  • Dental office receptionist also coordinates with insurance agencies in deciding the exact billing amount for the patients.
  • They maintain the financial records and manage the credit card machines for taking the bills from the patients.
  • All the accounting and book keeping tasks are also performed by the dental office receptionist.
  • Maintain the data base of all the patients and a dental office receptionist also have to keep that data updated with the latest contact details of the patients.
  • Patient’s records are updated by the dental office receptionist and they keep a record of everything like contact information of the patient, allergies, long-term dental care plans, procedures, medications, treatments, X-rays, copies of insurance cards and dates of service.

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