Dental Office Manager Job Duties

By | February 14, 2014

Dental office Manager Job duties involve assisting and co-ordinating the smooth functioning of a dental office. Dentists are busy medical professionals who have to manage the patients thus they hire Dental office Managers to look after their dental office or clinic while they are busy treating their patients.

Dental office Manager supervises the entire administrative work in the office along with coordinating between the other office staff. They also offer all the required assistants to the patients along with helping them in booking their appointments and managing their treatment schedules.

Dental Office Manager Job Duties

  • Dental office Managers maintain the office or dental clinic by coordinating among the entire supporting staff working in the office.
  • They also manage and maintain the client or patient’s data base along with offering them every kind of support.
  • They coordinate between the patients and the dentist in making the appointments and arranging other dental treatment schedules.
  • They also manage and maintain the stock and supply of the medicines and other equipments used in the dental office.
  • All the dental assistants are organised and planned with the help of these Dental office Managers.
  • They also maintain and supervise the cleanliness and hygiene of the dental facility along with maintaining the safety of the facility.
  • They coordinate with other vendors and also check if the other staffs are working in the designated manner or not.
  • All the patient’s schedules are handled by the Dental Office Manager.
  • They make sure that the dental office and clinic follows all the guidelines set for them and they understand all the legal requirements associated to a dental clinic.
  • The budgeting and cash management in the clinic is also coordinated and managed by the Dental office Manager and they make sure that everything in the dental office is running in a cost effective manner.

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