Dental Assistant Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Dental Assistant Job Duties include helping the dentists in performing various tasks. He is required to maintain the equipments used for dental check ups and surgeries and provide these to the dentists as and when required. A dental assistant is mostly employed at a dental clinic or hospital and is required to have thorough knowledge about the dental terminology and process in order to handle this position. Most dentists prefer hiring dental assistants having a relevant work experience.

Dental Assistant Job Duties

  • Dental Assistant needs to provide information about the dental procedure to the patient before he actually undergoes the treatment.
  • Dental Assistant is required to prepare the patients for dental surgeries and dental treatments.
  • Dental Assistant is required to sterilize the dental instruments used for dental check-ups and treatments before using them.
  • Dental Assistant needs to disinfect the dental instruments after use.
  • Dental Assistant needs to clean the instrument trays and place the tools and instruments appropriately on them.
  • Dental Assistant needs to assist the dentists while the patients are undergoing dental treatments.
  • Dental Assistant is required to collect the essential material used during dental treatments so that it is ready to be used by the doctor.
  • Dental Assistant needs to maintain record of the patients visiting the dental clinic.
  • Dental Assistant is required to maintain the treatment record of various patients.
  • Dental Assistant needs to record the dental history and other medical information of the patients visiting for getting the dental treatment done.
  • Dental Assistant needs to give instructions to the patients about taking care of their teeth once the treatment is done.
  • Dental Assistant is required to help the dentists in handling the dental emergencies.
  • Dental Assistant is involved in instructing the patients about oral hygiene.
  • Dental Assistant needs to follow the instructions given by the dentists and carry out various tasks based on it.

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