Dean Job Duties

By | July 4, 2013

A dean is a senior administrator of either a university or college. He administers and has authority of particular area of academics/study at school, college or university. The dean is responsible for forming academic policies and programs. He acts as a link between the chancellor, the students and parents. He is responsible for a number of tasks.

A dean’s job duties include monitoring students’ progress, forming policies, programs, advising the school over various matters. He also looks after departmental promotions, resource allocations, promotes scholarly activities and many other duties as discussed below.

Sample Dean Job duties

  • A dean must form policies and programs and supervise student life in general.
  • A dean must provide administrative insight to the parents, students and the authority.
  • A dean needs to serve as a link between the faculty and students.
  • He needs to act as the institution’s public voice and communicates to the public about the institution’s progress, its contribution and promotes initiatives of the institution.
  • The dean becomes the one point of contact for all the disciplinary issues. He acts as the central contact point for students and the administration.
  • The candidate must execute annual reviews of various departments.
  • He must try and promote the over-all visibility of the institution in the region.
  • He must also form budgets on an annual basis and prepare reports based on the same.
  • The dean must carry out sessions for appointing new faculty and other required officials and chairpersons.
  • The dean must promote inter-college collaborations. He needs to participate and cooperate in academic activities, promoting scholarly activities.
  • The dean should also supervise tenure procedures and review all promotions.
  • He should provide leadership in administrative research.
  • The candidate should actively participate in forming the academic curriculum.
  • The candidate should exhibit leadership strategies on advising students across the institution.

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