Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Duties

By | December 16, 2013

A daycare teacher assistant is one who is responsible for providing assistance to the day care teacher. The candidate offers support to the day care teacher in completing all activities of the school. The daycare teacher assistant should be a very friendly person that children feel comfortable with and should help the teachers in maintaining a safe, clean and conducive atmosphere for the children at the day care center. Various daycare teacher assistant job duties are given below:

Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Duties

  • Provide assistance to the teaching staff in formulating the curriculum for the day care children.
  • Provide feedback to parents about the progress of the children and discuss all important issues pertaining to the children on a regular basis.
  • Maintain all the records of students in a systematic manner in the day care center which includes timesheets, attendance sheets and leave record sheets.
  • Ensure to make necessary arrangements in the classroom every day before the commencement of classes by the teachers.
  • Keep check of all the materials that are made use of such as teaching aids in the center and replace or repair damaged ones by undertaking regular inspection.
  • Assist teachers in planning and organizing both academic and non-academic activities for the day care children on a monthly basis.
  • Prepare academic planning charts in coordination with the teachers and other staff in the day care center.
  • Make arrangements for the parent-teacher meetings and staff meetings that are conducted once in a month at the day care center.
  • Supervise and monitor the activities of children and protect them from all kinds of perils and danger during their stay time in the day care center.
  • Be prepared for emergency situations and undertake CPR for children as and when necessary.
  • Arranging group activities for children and parents once in a month without fail.

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