Database Management Job Duties

By | March 29, 2013

The database manager is responsible for storing and managing important information of an organization. They need to analyze all information, organize them and store it in a manner which is accessible yet secured. A database manager must review information and update it from time to time to ensure that the system memory is utilized in the best possible way and the obsolete information is removed from the database.

A database manager must have an eye for detail and accuracy. They are required to have strong analytical and organizational skills. They should have technical knowledge with expertise in software, computer and web application. They should have advanced level programming skills and should have a good knowledge about SQL, RDBMS and server management.

Database Management Job Duties

  • Database managers are responsible for developing and designing database and implementing it.
  • Database managers are responsible for storing all information in an organized way.
  • Database managers need to review and upgrade the data from time to time.
  • Database managers need to take steps which enhance the capacity and the performance of database.
  • Database managers should make sure that data stored within the system is accessible.
  • Database managers are responsible for keeping the database secured. They need to identify the potential treats and take measures to eradicate them.
  • Database managers are responsible for taking backups from time to time.
  • Database managers are responsible for organizing maintenance activities regularly.
  • Database managers need to work closely with designers and programmers.
  • Database managers might need to modify database structures as per the need of their clients.
  • Database managers need to assist and support the end users.
  • Database managers need to troubleshoot problems in database.
  • In case the application/program crashes, database managers along with developers are responsible for restoring the application.


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