Customer Support Engineer Job Duties

By | September 10, 2013

A customer support engineer’s responsibility lies in interacting with a company’s customers, clients and other business partners to support new and previously existing products manufactured by the company. They communicate with customers to comprehend their problems—and then solve them.

They operate on a global scale and must have in-depth product knowledge as well as be able to reach the section of an organization pertinent to a problem. Some of the customer support engineer job duties are explained as follows:

Customer Support Engineer Job Duties:

  • A customer support engineer provides solution support across the various company productions.
  • A customer support engineer acts as a liaison to the local program management groups for their customer related problems.
  • A customer support engineer works with internal engineers to help solve customer problems which haven’t been solved using known solutions. They verify the problem, note down the steps to the fix, validate the solution and apply the required patch or upgrade.
  • A customer support engineer runs an issue tracking system which monitors and tracks any software or hardware failures or any irregularities which may be reported by a customer.
  • A customer support engineer provides any necessary feedback to the engineering department concerning product amendment or upgrade based on the product performance and tracked metric data.
  • A customer support engineer organizes and holds meetings with internal teams and staff members to keep them informed of high profile customer issues and problems which are recorded in the management system.
  • A customer support engineer manages and updates the data recorded in the issue management system.
  • A customer support engineer maintains necessary network environments to help reproduce and troubleshoot customer problems.
  • A customer support engineer reviews and checks the issue management system and creates pertinent troubleshooting documents and processes the flow diagrams. 

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